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Awning Wind Loads: Rain & Snow

We are confident in the quality of our retractable awnings to withstand wind loads that one would feel comfortable experiencing say while reading a book or newspaper. If you aren’t comfortable in the existing wind conditions it seems only wise to retract your awning.

This common sense approach will insure your awning will not be damaged from exposure to high winds. That being said, we offer the High Wind awning and the Pergola retractable awning products that use gas assisted telescopic extension arms and may be used in winds up to 30 mph.

Of course winds at a constant 20 mph will make sitting under your awning uncomfortable. Common sense would encourage one to retract your awning any time winds make the use of your awning uncomfortable.

All of our awnings are available motorized and offer optional wind sensors that will retract your awning at a wind speed you choose so your awnings are a set and forget accessory for your home or business. 

Rain and the runoff your awning can handle is controlled by the drop of the awning and the strength of your extension arms. The factors that determine how much drop you will require is based on how much rain you receive and does water runoff from a roof add to the amount of water flowing onto your awning. We have a drop recommendation chart that provides guidance in adjusting the drop.

The other important consideration is the tautness of the awning fabric. Weak extension arms that don’t provide a nice taught fabric when your awning is extended are very susceptible to water causing the awning fabric to belly allowing water to puddle.

Water weighs roughly 8 pounds per gallon, so 20 gallons weighs about 160 pounds. If your awning is at a recommended drop and the awning fabric allows water to puddle on your awning it would be very wise to retract the awning until the puddling stops and the water runs freely off the awning. If your awning has weak extension arms, the next thing that will happen is the arm mount brackets will break.

Snow on Retractable Awning