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Retractable Awning & Canopy Basics

A quality retractable awning will pay dividends in comfort, savings, reliability and shade that few other items can.

Quality is the one word that should be considered above all others when making your purchase decision. Quality in Design, Quality Manufacturing, Quality in the Materials used are essential for a retractable awning to best provide long-term, trouble free service. Components of a quality retractable awning.

Poor quality extension arms allow the fabric to sag and flap in even light breezes. Poor quality design limits installation and adjustment versatilities that make an installation not quite do the job you hoped. Poor quality cover fabric fades, shrinks, has a short useful life, few color options and little or no warranty.

Poor-quality manufacturing may result in twisting of the awning frame under normal use loads causing broken castings or, at the least, a wrinkled awning that retracts unevenly.

Quality equals value to every one of our retractable awning customers. Take a look at the components of a quality retractable awning.

Quality became our mantra and we searched worldwide for the best retractable awnings one could buy. We are very happy and proud with our many retractable awning designs, and we are certain you will be happy you purchased your awning from Legends Direct, the leader in quality retractable awnings.

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